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Revelation 2

I frequently compare 2 Tim 1:15 with Rev 2:1-2 to show that Paul is a false apostle. Very few Pauline Christians will even attempt to argue it. Usually they simply shut you down with a comment like, "So you're saying you don't believe in the Bible, got it." Those who will attempt to counter it come back with, "Well it says 'apostles' and not 'apostle', so it's not talking about Paul. Plus it doesn't actually say 'Paul', so....." The other thing I point out is how Jesus is commending/rebuking the churches for what they did in Rev 2-3, but He never rebukes a single one for turning away from Him. Curious, since Paul says the churches in Asia turned away from him, right? If they turned from Paul's gospel, and Paul was teaching the true Gospel, then Jesus would have to rebuke them. But He doesn't!

And that's when it hit me today (yes, I'm kinda slow)... every time I say I disagree with Paul, the Pauline Christians will say that I need to repent, and that if I reject Paul, I am rejecting Jesus. But Revelation 2-3 just proved that you can reject Paul without rejecting Jesus!